Monday, August 12, 2013

Centers in the 6th Grade Classroom-Today's Cool Find

My littlest is napping peacefully and my two oldest are currently in time out which is why I have a moment to blog.  What is it about 4PM until after dinner that makes kiddos NUTTY?!?!  I call it the "Witching Hour" at my house. 

At this time during any other year I would be setting up my classroom.  This year I have traded in the sweat of that challenge for time with my kiddos.  While I am taking this year away from the classroom, it is amazing how my teacher mind seems to keep working.  While I am especially busy with my brood of three, this back to school time has me thinking about school!

After a 3-mile morning run with three kids-two in the jogging stroller and one on his bike and a well visit for my 5-month old, with all three kids in tow-we decided it was a great day to head to IKEA.

I have blogged about IKEA in numerous posts!  I LOVE THAT STORE!  A few things made me love it even more today, if that is possible.  While we needed just a few things-a high chair, curtain rods, bedding, an area rug...we found a few extras as well.

My favorite purchase of the day for $14.99 is one that I will likely be going back to purchase for my classroom next year.  It is this cute little stand that I set up as soon as we got home...

My kiddos have already turned it into a food stand and WERE taking turns being the "cashier and chef."  They also began throwing punches which is why they are now in their rooms!

It is made of sturdy cardboard that could be used by primary, intermediate, or even middle school kiddos as a prop for Reader's Theater, author share, puppet shows, etc.   So if you are looking for an inexpensive item to add some character to your classroom and inspire your students in a fun way, you may want to snatch one of these up!

If you have never made the trek to IKEA with your children, you may have never realized all of the great things they offer!!!  Personally I like to go by myself and vow to from now on!  MORE TIME TO THINK!  After 6 trips to the bathroom, lunch before shopping and a snack after, arguments over who was pushing the cart and who was pushing the stroller, we discovered some cool things...

WHAT?!?! AWESOME in case of emergency!

I had my own "filled to the brim" diaper bag, so I didn't need any, but HUGGIES nonetheless!

I HEART low sinks that allow for kids to do their own handwashing!


Good luck this school year, my teacher friends!  I promise to update upon any new finds that are classroom essentials!  See you soon!


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