Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Hunger Games Amusement Parks...End of Novel Project

The 6th graders finished their Hunger Games-based Amusement Parks this week.  As we move onto performance-based assessments in the state of Ohio over the next few years, it is important that students are engaged in projects like these.  While they need to be efficient in reading passages and being able to answer multiple choice and short answer questions-more importantly they need to be able to apply their learning in more complex ways.  This project involved reading the novel, identifying plot, analyzing characters and various settings, as well as understanding theme.   In addition to developing graphic organizers containing this information, students had to turn their understanding into a design.  After their design/map was complete, an advertisement for their park was developed and published for presenting.  Students did an incredible job in all areas of this task.  Take a look at their impressive work!
A Hunger Games Amusement Park design up close.

Vincent presents...
Kaitlyn presents...

Sam happily presents...

Teresa presents!

If you are looking for a superstar unit for teaching The Hunger Games or Catching Fire, I utilized both created by Tracee Orman from TpT- be sure to check out her products.  She has created amazing resources for a completely reasonable price.

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