Monday, August 19, 2013

Reader's Theater for the Middle Grades...check it out in my TpT Store!

One of my favorite things to do with my 6th grade students is Reader's Theater.  They "hoot" and "whoop" every time they know they have the opportunity to perform.  Something about having the chance to get lost in a character, read aloud, and take on a different persona for a short period of time really excites my students.

I also LOVE TO WRITE! This past week of not working in a classroom and adjusting to our back to school schedule, has afforded me some time to write.  I have taken on the task of writing a Reader's Theater passage called Speedy Racer.  It is a common core focused, high interest, realistic fiction passage that students will LOVE in the middle grades.

Speedy Racer is a script about a boy who learns the hard way that in order to compete, you must practice and be dedicated.  This 12-character script is one that will have your students thinking about the kind of person they want to be and be friends with.  A must read with your middle grades students.

In addition, I have included 5-reader response questions and a summary organizer.  Ideal tools for work on common core reading literature standards.

My emergency plans always contain a Reader's Theater passage with specific instructions on how to utilize it with my three different classes.   While the students can get a bit "over-enthusiastic" at times with another adult leading the class, I know that it will keep them focused and engaged, which leads to fewer behavior concerns in my absence.

Please leave a comment on how you utilize Reader's Theater in your classroom.

Happy first week of school!

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