Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Blog Party Kick-Off

Happy Summer!  I hope this blog hop finds you ready to tackle some summer relaxation and fun!  For my family, we are in the midst of tournament play for baseball, attending various sports camps, spending lots of time at the pool, and enjoying time with friends.  We will be heading to the beach for a week in August, but for now, we bask in the warm weather and minimal schedule.
Despite our busyness, one thing we continue throughout summer is reading.  As a reading teacher, I enforce daily reading time in our house.  I say enforce because grabbing a book and slowing down is NOT a favorite past-time among my kiddos.  My littlest can sit and read book after book, my middle loves to be read to, and my oldest knows that his allowance gets reduced if I have to ask him to complete his daily reading more than once.  If a friend calls for a playdate for my daughter, or a knock comes at the door for my oldest, reading is the last thing on their minds.  Therefore, I have to mandate that it happens. 
I have given up on the idea that my kids should want to read. I want them to want to read, but ideally, if my children could be outside playing every moment of every day, that is what they would prefer to do! And so, before we head outside and grab for any type of technology, reading occurs.  Some might argue with this strategy, but it works for my family.  There are no written rules, no chart to keep track, just the expectation that for 20 minutes a day, we read.  Very manageable.

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My heading into 4th grade son has tackled Chocolate Fever and is on to Frindle.  I am offering him the chance to choose the books. I am not making him complete any novel units to accompany his reading, but they are available, just in case.

My heading into 1st grade daughter is tackling Level D books and inspired me to create this FREEBIE text unit for my intervention students.  She loves Young Cam Jansen books.  She struggles a bit to read them independently, but loves when we read them together.  This unit is perfect for reading comprehension for grades 1-3, and an intervention resource for students that might be struggling a bit in grades 4-6.  If you are a teacher in the midst of summer school, or a parent wanting to help your child with comprehension, this text resource is ideal for you! It includes: directions for use, lesson plans, character analysis work, context clue word work, chapter by chapter reader response questions, and post-reading writing prompts for FREE!

It is a forever FREEBIE and I would love to hear how you put it to use at home or in your classroom.  Grab some more HOT resources as you move on to the next stops!  Michelle from Big Time Literacy has a great one!  Grab it at the next stop!  Happy Hopping!
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At Friday, 19 June, 2015 , Blogger Amy said...

Thank you!!!

At Friday, 19 June, 2015 , Blogger Sarah Paul said...

Thank you! I love the Young Cam Jansen books too. :) This is such a great freebie!
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

At Friday, 19 June, 2015 , Blogger Mrs. Mariano said...

Erin, I have a son who is going into 5th grade, and it is a struggle to get him to read. Not my ideal situation, as a reading specialist. But, I totally agree to mandate the regular reading time AND offer choice. Great post.

At Friday, 19 June, 2015 , Blogger Colleen Noffsinger said...

My students love Cam Jansen books, as do I! Thanks for sharing a great post. :)
Literacy Loving Gals

At Friday, 19 June, 2015 , Blogger Michelle Brezek said...

So when I taught middle school, my students had to read. Every day, 20 pages. They hated it at first, but after days and weeks and months (and two) years (I looped with them!) they loved to read. It was always their only homework, and because they had to do it, most of them ended up wanting to do it anyways. My point: what you're doing with your kids - I LOVE it! :-) Thanks for sharing!

At Friday, 19 June, 2015 , Blogger Teacher Mom of 3 said...

My oldest son (now 22) was and still is a bookworm. My youngest (ages 8 & 9) like to read but it isn't their first choice. They like to read in the car and at breakfast. They also like to read at bedtime since they know they can get away with staying up late if they are reading! :-) Thank you for such a generous freebie!

At Saturday, 20 June, 2015 , Blogger TheRoomMom said...

Thankfully, my kids will binge read like I do. My son is now reading a lot of my favorites from when I was his age. It is so fun to have book discussions with him. He read My Side of the Mountain in one sitting! :-)

At Sunday, 21 June, 2015 , Blogger Literacy Spark said...

Nice to hear reality in your post! I hope my daughter does love to read when she grows up...fingers crossed!

Literacy Spark


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