Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Stock-Up: Classroom Organization

I am a huge advocate of including my students in as many classroom procedures as possible.  I want them to take ownership of the classroom, so they feel more compelled to take care and show respect for our learning space.  Therefore, they get jobs...

My 6th grade students love to help out around the classroom.  I often have students arrive early each morning in hopes of having the opportunity to tackle some small task around the room.  My students truly enjoy feeling responsible for different chores that make them feel as though they are contributing to their learning environment.  And so, I created this Classroom Jobs for BIG KIDS resource.

Ideas for Classroom Use… 

 photo FullSizeRender8.jpg

Print and laminate each of the Job Titles and Lanyard Tag pages 

Cut and display the Classroom Jobs in a visible spot as a reminder to both you and your students.

Explain each Classroom Job and display the job descriptions so students are aware and can perform the job accordingly.

Use clothespins with student names and clip them to the displayed Job Titles-clothespins are inexpensive and stay in place.

Allow students to wear the Job Title Lanyards upon entering the classroom and hang up upon their departure.

Rotate the jobs weekly, or as you see fit.  I rotate in alphabetical order.

One way to make everyone have a weekly job is to make everyone a project manager.  Even BIG KIDS like to feel like they are serving a special purpose.

 photo dc7879b3-95ac-47a1-b6ad-bce8f421c322.jpg

Enjoy some time this summer knowing you have the perfect classroom jobs resource for making students accountable for different tasks around your learning space!  Happy Summer! app_208195102528120

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