Saturday, June 30, 2012

Effective Communication Tools for an Interdisciplinary Team

While I know that all grade levels have their intricacies, I find 6th grade to be tricky in the sense that at times the students can seem so very mature and grown-up, yet they are still 6th grade kiddos.  They need reminders, follow-ups, and complete structure and consistency.  To help our students and families get a feel for some of the "ins and outs" or expectations and understandings of the year, I put together this document as a resource for both students and parents. 

There is a whole lot to communicate about our year, and this truly only touches the surface, but still I find it to be a very helpful tool.  It is placed in student planners and in the Parent Folders that go home on Meet the Teacher Night to answer some of the questions parents have about specific things!  Let me know of any tools you utilize that communicate information most effectively that you incorporate in parent folders.

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