Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pictures to Videos and the Music to go with...

Starting about now I am already in "full ear to radio mode" listening for potential songs for the end of year video that I LOVE making of all of the pictures I have taken of my 6th graders throughout the course of the year.  My "in your face" photography style begins on day one of the school year and is in full effect until the last week of school.  I am the same way with my own children, of course.  However, there is something about 6th grade that I have to document the growth of the students from beginning to end because the growth is tremendous!  While all pics don't make the video, I utilize them in our weekly newsletter that I create through Smilebox.  If you haven't checked out that site and you are a teacher or parent-YOU MUST! 
Welcome to the Teacher's Toolbox

If you look at the past months of my blog you will see a variety of newsletters, slideshows, and scrapbooks I have created through this awesome site.  If you are a teacher, you can submit an application for Teacher's Toolbox.  Smilebox will give you a one-year subscription for free, although the $40 price is well worth it!  Parents love seeing their kiddos engaged in daily school events, and I love that I have the whole year documented and can share it very easily.  While I don't use this site for my end of year video, it is a hit with parents because I can e-mail them the newsletter or print off copies to share. In addition, parents can print the pictures or share the pictures with others through e-mail or Facebook.    Be sure to check the link above, you will not regret making this site a part of your life.

Here is the list of songs that made the 6th grade video this year:
  • Every Tear is a Waterfall-Coldplay
  • Count on Me-Bruno Mars
  • Shining Star-Dan Zanes
  • Feels So Close-Calvin Harris
  • When We Stand Together-Nickelback
  • Dynamite-Taio Cruz
  • Eyes Open-Taylor Swift
Songs I have used, but try not to repeat because I teach brothers and sisters and I want the video to be unique and focused on that group of students:

  • Everyday-Dave Matthews
  • I Gotta Feeling-Black Eyed Peas
  • Kids Again-Chris Rice
  • Smile, Smile, Smile-Dan Zanes
  • Don't Stop Believin'-The Glee Cast (I know Journey has the original)
  • Better Together-Jack Johnson
  • We are Going to be Friends-Jack Johnson
  • Backyard Super Kid-Justin Roberts
  • Yellow Bus-Justin Roberts
  • Great Big Sun-Justin Roberts
  • Giant-Sized Butterflies Justin Roberts(We have seen him in concert 3 times! He is a great performer.)
  • We Are Okay-Joshua Radin
  • Live Like We're Dying-Kris Allen
  • Did Ya Ever Look So Nice-The Samples
  • Something Good Can Work-Two Door Cinema Club
Here is a printable of all of the songs in case you want to utilize it for your own personal use.

I LOVE to include music from the school year, but sometimes the "appropriate-lyric factor" is tricky.  Let me know of other "picture perfect" songs you find...



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