Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Middle Grades Word Work Resource...Check It Out!!

Research shows that “expanded vocabulary and correct spelling allow for more fluent reading and writing thus speeding up the ability to comprehend what is read and get thinking down on the paper.”
- Gail Boushey and Joan Moser~ authors of The Daily 5 and The CAFE

While I implement "Word Work" into my balanced literacy instruction, I am ALWAYS looking for additional ways to enhance my students' understanding of the words surrounding them in literature, in conversation, in song, and in movies.  For the past few days I have been doing some research and work to make a "Word of the Day" word work resource in order to enhance my students' work with words.  The words are for grades 4-8 and include part of speech, definition, and a picture to help students visualize the words in order to enhance their understanding. All classrooms vary in the amount of instructional time that can be dedicated to "Word Work,"  but I see it as an essential tool for effective reading instruction.  Here is a simple tool you can be utilizing with a SMARTboard and a Vocabulary Notebook/Journal for just a few short minutes a day.  Check it out in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

How will I utilize this in my classroom?
  • Each morning students will come in, get settled, and organize for the day.
  • Students will take out their Vocabulary Journal-a composition notebook with a copy of the Word of the Day Organizer on the inside cover for reference.
  • Students will write the word at the top of the page followed by the part of speech and the definition.
  • Students will also determine if the word has a prefix, suffix, and its root or base.
  • Students can draw their own sketch of the meaning of the word to help them visualize the meaning more concretely, or copy the image provided. 
  • Students will work to develop a sentence using the word correctly.
  • Students will list synonyms or antonyms that they can recall, or utilize a thesaurus.
  • Students will list words that look/sound similar.
  • Students will decide where they may see this word.  Ex. novel, song, nonfiction text.
  • Students that finish, can put their Vocabulary Journal off to the side until quick "Peer Share Minute" at the end of class.
  • At the end of class students can quickly discuss their sentences during "Peer Share Minute" to share their well-written thought or edit their incorrect sentence.
  • After "Peer Share Minute" take two student volunteers to share their sentences by adding them on the Smartboard/MIMIO.
  • This is a student resource that I can check over when I meet with students independently or in small groups, but students can utilize this resource for writing and reading.
The more vocabulary they have in their toolbelts, the better readers, writers, speakers, and thinkers students will be!
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At Sunday, 01 September, 2013 , Blogger Karyn Toms said...

Hey lady! I stumbled upon this from Pinterest. One of my order students who's now a teacher pinned it! Hope all s well

At Tuesday, 03 September, 2013 , Blogger Erin Beers said...

So funny! Hope your year is off to a great start! It has been a bit odd not being in the classroom, but trying to keep up with things when I do return. This Teachers Pay Teachers site is kind of inspiring, and Pinterest is a wonderland, for sure. I am sure I will run into you at a race sooner or later! Take care and have a great year!


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