Monday, July 2, 2012

Milestones and Accomplishments

As a mom and a teacher I try to be the biggest motivator I can be.  I am however, pretty competitive so I like to see things through until the successful end.  This summer has already been jam-packed with milestones and accomplishments.  A few to son completed kindergarten and moves onto first grade in August, and my daughter turned three and is officially potty trained. 

Last Friday began the quest for the "YELLOW BRACELET" at the pool.  If you have a yellow bracelet, it means you can swim a lap in the deep end, all by yourself. This means you are able to go on the WATER SLIDES!  For two 6 year-olds it is like winning the gold medal in the Olympics.  Sici, the daughter of my very dear friend, Maria, took on the challenge first, and SUCCESS.  What a moment to see her face when she swam that lap!  ...and off she went to the slides. 

My son, Brennan, a bit more reluctant to try something that doesn't guarantee success, decided that Friday wasn't his day to try, he just wasn't ready.  Upon arriving at the pool today and seeing Sici head to the slides, he quietly said, "Mommy, I think I am ready to swim the lap."  Off we went to get the lifeguard to watch, bravely he got into the water, and successfully he swam his lap.  With his little heart pounding out of his chest, he shared his name to be written in the pool binder, and held out his wrist to collect that "YELLOW BRACELET." 

He is now one of the BIG kids.  Just like that he is off and run-walking toward the slides with his trusty, yellow-braceleted-pal, Sici.

Sici bonked her head on the slide and this is Brennan making sure she was alright!

Two yellow-braceleted slide-goers and a little sister that loves her picture taken!!

6 years earlier...

I couldn't resist posting this photo of Sici and Brennan the very first summer of their lives, and their first trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. How fun that they get to share these milestones and accomplishments together!

To some these may seem like simple "Rites of Passage," but to me, these are a few of the amazing aspects of being a parent.  As teachers we need to recognize the milestones and accomplishments of our students.  I always try to keep my camera on-hand to capture those momentous school moments as well...reading more words correct per minute, completing a task that has been challenging in the past, and even participation in an exciting school event.  Capture, celebrate, and thoroughly enjoy these exciting moments with your children and your students because the time goes by so very quickly!



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