Wednesday, August 8, 2012


A few weeks back I was doing some shopping in our local IKEA. I know, we are incredibly lucky to have that "wonderland" in Cincinnati.  On that furniture shopping extravaganza, I spotted the FLYT Magazine Files that were 5 for $1.99.  Perfect for Daily 5 book boxes.  I even blogged about it...

My cart was full with a bed for my son, bedding, towels, lamp shades, etc.  I was trying my darndest to include a bookshelf, but darn those things are HEAVY-certainly NO room for 15 packs of magazine files...

If I could go back in time, I would!  I wish I would've piled those inexpensive files into my cart, dropping them all over the floor as I grunted toward the checkout, but the optimist in me thought, "You will be back soon, pick them up then!"

So I headed back today with my daughter to return lamp shades that didn't fit.  Just a tip-Ikea lamp shades don't work on Pottery Barn lamp bases.  I was so excited with the thought of picking up some of the last supplies needed to get my classroom up and running, and my students off to an organized start.

Off we scrambled to the office organization section.  I searched and searched, but only seemed to come across more sturdy files that I would've loved, but were 2 for $4.99.  Definitely not in the budget!  So I stop a most kind employee and ask her where I can find these coveted Flyt Magazine Holders...

"I am so sorry," she shares, "we are sold out and they are being discontinued."  "I know," she continues as she looks at my deflated face, "you must be a teacher!"  She kindly walked me to her computer to check on one possible last delivery.  Good news for those of you that want to pretend that Sunday morning is Black Friday-an order of 200 will be coming into the Cincinnati store on Saturday night and available for purchase on Sunday morning.  "Get here early!" she kindly reminded.

I thanked her and went on my way to the register planning my Sunday morning strategy.  Moments later my daughter and I were in the "AS IS" section of the store by the checkout.  It was a bit of a frenzy.  Upon seeing these maniacal people, I saw a sign reading "Wacky Wednesday!"  Apparently this means all items in this section are 1/2 off.  No wonder there was a bit of pushing and shoving...

To my defeated eyes I spotted 16 Flyt Magazine Files.  While I was ready to go to battle for them, everyone else had their eyes feasted on furniture.  I do need about 45 more, but it was a random bit of luck today.

Upon returning home I googled Flyt Magazine Files.  I have a long run planned with my running buddy on Sunday, and no time to head back to Ikea.  I found these and ordered two sets to complete my needs for my students...

These are a bit more pricey, darn you Amazon, but I am ready to have my classroom in order.  If you are looking to tackle this "quasi-deal" on Amazon, get there quickly.  It looks like their supplies are almost gone as well.  My hope is that organizing these book boxes for my students goes more smoothly than the purchasing part.  Good luck with your search for the perfect Daily 5 book boxes.  I will post pictures once they have found eager readers and been filled. 

Now, off I go to write to the head of the office supply section of Ikea, to beg and plead for these files to somehow be brought back from the discontinued list and back in stores for student book boxes next year.



At Thursday, 09 August, 2012 , Blogger Megan said...

I just started following your blog- thanks for the tip on these being discontinued! I freaked out when I read that on your blog because I, too, had been planning on getting back to IKEA "sometime soon..." to pick these up, but I ran right out to my local IKEA (Minneapolis) and got the only 2 packs I could find in the store! I only needed 5, but I just figured you never know :). I am a new blogger so stop on by and link up with me if you get the chance! :)
Thanks, and happy new (school) year!

At Thursday, 09 August, 2012 , Blogger Erin Beers said...

Glad you were able to pick up a few packs in the knick of time. Can't wait to check out your blog. I hope you have a great start to the school year. Talk to you soon!

At Thursday, 11 July, 2013 , Blogger Kristin Dragos said...

Thanks for posting this. I just looked on the IKEA site, and those files are still listed on the site for the same price you mentioned. :)


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