Wednesday, July 18, 2012


So I was reading some great blog posts about "Make Something New Mondays."  While I did not make anything new or out of the ordinary yesterday, a mid-evening adventure to Target brought out "Try-Something-New-Tuesday." 

Things I wish I could do or want to learn how to do:
  1. JUGGLE-knives, fire, small children-something incredibly dangerous that would grab students' attention immediately!
  2. Play the GUITAR-I have tried every instrument as a child-violin, piano, flute, etc.  I am not musically inclined, but I will sing at the top of my lungs in my car like I was performing my own concert.
  3. Make BALLOON ANIMALS-fortunately, tonight was my night!
I head to Target at least once a week.  I am not proud, this is merely fact.  We went tonight to buy a few random grocery items, but my kiddos were most looking forward to an after dinner Icee.  After Icees were purchased, we walked around to find the items we NEEDED and found many things we didn't.  Oh well!

In the toy section, my son stumbled upon this Twisty Balloon kit.  Pretty cute for $1.48.  When we got home he could't wait to give it a try.  The blowing up the balloon part is easy, but the tying and twisting-more of a "Mommy-job."  So following the directions, I began twisting, twisting, and more twisting...

Here we have my very first balloon dog!  Not too bad for a non-circus/non-carnival worker!

So my plan is to purchase a few more of these inexpensive packages of Twisty Balloons.  On indoor recess days when the weather gets a bit crummy, I will show my students a new skill-How to Make Balloon Animals!

Here is a ton of other goodies I picked up for my student Bulldog Buck Store.  All of these items were on clearance for 70% off and were $1 to start.  Not bad.  I will use the buckets for supplies on student desks during working times, but all of the other stuff will be able to be purchased by students who work hard earning Bulldog Bucks.

While I didn't get any school supplies, Target doesn't have the best deals yet-I learned a new skill that I can utilize in a fun way with my silly 6th graders!  Happy Fun Hunting!



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