Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Classroom Craft-Candy Cane Reindeer

What a week!  While I have taught for 15 years, I don't think any school shooting has hit me quite as hard as the shooting in Connecticut on Friday.  As I drove home listening to AM radio to get more details, my heart was broken.  I am not a crier, but I wept for those moms and dads that did not have the opportunity to head home like I was, able to grab my kiddos and give them endless hugs and kisses. 

The shooting is not something I have chosen to talk about with my 6-year old, first grade son.  This is not in his realm of understanding, so I have made the choice to avoid all news stories with him around.  If questions arise, I will answer them, but I don't believe he is capable of understanding such ugliness and horror.  As a 36-year old, I struggle.  School is supposed to be a safe place with safe people!

So our weekend has been filled with playtime, basketball, shopping, and CRAFTING.  I am finding it hard to believe how quickly Christmas has come, and how much I have to do to prepare.  I will share that I do have a different perspective after the events of the week...the "perfect present" is no longer the worry or concern-time together is!

With a craft for my son's holiday party in question, we took to Pinterest.  We found a clever reindeer candy cane craft that he thought would be fun.  I headed out with my daughter to buy supplies and tweaked it a bit to make it as first grader friendly as possible.  I will be constructing these with my 6th graders, also.  They love to create and craft...

Materials: candy canes, brown pipe cleaner, red pom pom, a glue dot, adhesive googly-eyes, and a piece of tape.


Candy Cane Reindeer

As all of the craft bags were getting prepared, my kiddos took to gingerbread house making. Rather than one big battle or house, I opted for the four house village.  They had a blast with icing, constructing, and decorations, and they each get two to create.  Here are the first two, we will tackle the rest today!

Brennan's triangular creation!

Lilah's snow-covered cabin!
As you finish up your final school days before the holidays with your students, enjoy that time.  I know I will try to stress a bit less, and focus on the joy of our time together!  Happy Holidays and God Bless!


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