Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Craft...Googly-Eyed Lollipop Spider

I like to think of myself as a creative/crafty person, but I had a few moments of creative-crafty panic this weekend! 

I signed up for the class craft for my son's Halloween party a few weeks ago.  I am happy to do this as it is not one of the "top" items that parents volunteer for.  Snack, drink, decorations, paper products-gone before many even open each holiday e-vite.  Craft and game could go untaken for days...

As a teacher and mom, I am happy to unleash my creative side and provide this for the class.  The one catch is that I will not be able to attend the party, as I will be with my own students, so I have to send in all pieces/parts bagged and ready with specific directions.  No problem, right?!

So we are headed to pick up our Halloween candy and a few other items we really didn't need this weekend from Walmart, and I remind my son, Brennan that before we head home, we have to stop at Joann Fabrics to grab a craft for his Halloween party on Wednesday.  Of course as my daughter overhears this, we will provide one for her as well.

To Joann's we wonderful it was to walk into Joann's Christmas wonderland with not a Halloween decoration to be found.  Same story at Hobby Lobby!  My son actually looked at me and said, "I really love Christmas, but I would love to just enjoy Halloween before we have to see Christmas decorations."  I hear you buddy!  "Mommy would just like to find a Halloween craft, so I don't drop the ball on your Halloween party!"  All the while thinking that his class may be doing a "Winter Holiday" craft instead.

We headed home and I headed to Pinterest.  God bless this site-the class Halloween craft was found and met with great enthusiasm by my son!  After a trip to Michael's for pipe cleaners and adhesive googly-eyes then Target for lollipops, which both had foam crafts available, here is what we came up with...

Pinterest-inspired Googly-Eyed Lollipop Spider

Testing it out for himself...

Lilah packing the lollipops in the baggies-what a helper!

Ready to go!

Brennan's spider-he is ready to guide the class!
While this is the perfect craft for a 1st grade party, I think my 6th graders might get a kick out of trying it too!  I always like to test their ability to follow directions anyway!  Despite my initial panic-I think I like this better than any packaged item I may have been tempted to buy!  In addition, my quest for class crafts will begin sooner for the holiday party...lesson learned. year, as soon as those Halloween crafts and decorations come out on Memorial Day-we are scooping them up!  Happy crafting!  Now off to tackle those report card comments!

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