Friday, October 26, 2012

6th Grade Team Building...Pumpkin Day 2012

Today was our 2nd Annual 6th Grade Pumpkin Day at Sharpsburg Elementary School.  It is a day that we as teachers can't wait to organize and and allow our students to participate in.
My teammates are awesome!  Mr. Ziegler takes on the task of getting all of the pumpkins, planning the math work, and preparing the "spooky" basement for complete darkness.  Mrs. Burns teaches our students cursive and how to write a check in order for students to be able to "purchase" their pumpkins and supplies from the "Sharpsburg Pumpkin Shack."  I take on any task that is needed, but mainly play store attendant of the pumpkin shack and photographer.  We are a TEAM-we do what it takes to plan, organize, and implement.
The students did an AMAZING job today and we couldn't be more proud as their teachers.  They teamed up, completed the math which involved calculating sales tax on all items needed for the carving and finding different percentages of their pumpkins based on its weight, dug the guts out of the pumpkin, decided on how to carve, made a creation, and determined who would be the proud owner of a jack o'lantern.  While math skills and organizational skills were essential, watching the students work so collaboratively was the most fun to watch as their teachers.  
Thanks to the students, staff, and my team for such a fun fall experience. I highly recommend letting your students dip their hands into pumpkin goo and seeing the joy that is a slideshow of our fun!  They don't disappoint...HAPPY FALL and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
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