Thursday, July 12, 2012

Collaborative Community Building T-Shirts

A new year, a new class, a new challenge to bring students together to see they are each working toward growing as learners and achieving success.  I think this is one of the best aspects of being a teacher-no year is ever the same, no group of students is ever like the last, each new year brings a brand new work in progress.

Each year my 6th graders work on self-portraits in art class.  Often these works of art are hung in the hall to be displayed and viewed by students, parents, and staff.  Some are exceptional pieces that qualify for the annual Art Show that takes place every spring for our entire district, some probably go home to be put in memory books, others may find the bottom of the trash can-sadly.

My goal this year is to utilize these works of art to make and create a 6th Grade Community t-shirt titled "Bulldog Best."  The t-shirt will showcase the self-portraits created by each 6th grader with their signature written below.  The shirt creates both a memory piece and a way for students to see that altogether, they are one portrait that makes up a spectacular and dynamic team!

As a 6th grade team the students are the oldest in the school, have opportunities for special experiences, and get to collaborate in ways that some of the other grade levels don't.  This t-shirt is one way we can celebrate this exciting year that is the end of elementary school and will bring the students to the start of middle school.

My design does not do the t-shirt justice, but with a bit of creativity, you can visualize a grade-level full of self-portraits looking back at you!  What better way to build a community of students than to see their portraits worn by one another on a daily basis!

What are some ways you will work to build a collaborative community with your students this school year?



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