Saturday, September 1, 2012

Student Speakers-Student Leaders-Student Council

Friday was an exciting, but very nerve-racking day for our 6th graders.  All week they had been campaigning for spots on our Sharpsburg Student Council, and this was the day to stand up in front of peers, read a speech, and prepare to be elected.

Here is a sign prepared by one of my 6th grade students...

She has talked with me all week about her plans as Student Council President while at recess!  Most importantly, "a school dance on Halloween is something she is in hopes of planning, organizing, and allowing students to take part in!"  Her enthusiasm has been heart-warming to watch...I am pulling for you, Katlyn!

I love that our students have this opportunity at our school!  They truly take their work as student leaders very seriously, which leads our school in a very positive way.  Students are more thoughtful, accountable, and take the job of being an example to all others, to heart.  I appreciate so much this HUGE task our principal, Mrs. White, takes on.

These are a few pics of student speeches.  I can't tell you how exciting it was to watch these anxious students share well-prepared and thoughtful speeches.  With smiling faces, shaking hands, and encouraging words off they went...











I am anxious to see all of the amazing things these students do in their leadership roles this school year!  Go Bulldogs!



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