Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween Middle Grades CCSS Reader's Theater and Craftivity Fun Pack

Tis' the season for Trick or Treatin' and some more writing...

My brain was on overload today!  So much that I wrote another reader's theater and came up with a craftivity to go with it. 

The Happy Halloween That Almost Wasn't... is the perfect reader's theater for this festive time of year.

Your students will love reading about the characters of Parkersburg Elementary School and how their Halloween traditions and celebrations were cancelled, then reconsidered due to some thoughtful 6th grade brain power.

In addition to the 5-page, 11-character script, students are given 3-reader response questions that requires them to cite evidence from the text.  A plot organizer allows students to track the events of the story.

Finally, the pack is complete with a Halloween-Themed Shirt Making How-To Craftivity and a recipe for a "Spooky Snack Sack." 

The craftivity came from the story.  In the story the characters come up with an alternative for buying and parading around in expensive costumes.  They decide that re-purposing old t-shirts and turning them into Halloween-wear is a better alternative.

Using an old pajama shirt, fabric scraps, ribbon, and steam-a-seam, I came up with what I think looks like a fairly recognizable Frankenstein.

 If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate Halloween, this reader's theater fun pack is the way to go! Your Halloween week of instruction will be planned and well-received by your students!


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