Saturday, August 15, 2015

Oh, Snap, It's Almost September!

I am finding it particularly hard to believe that I am already preparing for September.  While school has not started in our household, it is right around the corner-Tuesday, August 19th, in fact!  We are trading our swimsuits and pool bags for school clothes and backpacks.  Where have the last 10 weeks gone?  While jam-packed with fun, it has flown by!

In order to keep up with all that the fast-paced school year brings, I am teaming up with my teacher friends and and sharing some teaching resources for September.  While this month tends to be loaded up with establishing routines and assessing student ability levels, it is also a time when we take time to remember a HUGE event from our American history-September 11th.

I struggled to find a resource to share what that day was like four years into my teaching career, so I created a reader's theater and reading literature toolkit in order to help my students best understand the events of that day and the impact it had on Americans.  Your students will LOVE performing this reader's theater script and then having the opportunity to compare it to a nonfiction selection.  The discussion that this resource generates it priceless.

Included in this 23-page toolkit:
  • clear directions for easy implementation
  • CCSS covering both ELA: RL& RI and History:R.H.4-8.4
  • 7-page, 12-character reader's theater script
  • reader response questions
  • context clue word work
  • an informational text with reader response questions for Close Reading and compare and contrast work
  • a Venn diagram for compare and contrast between the two texts
  • interview questions
  • research sites for student research
  • research bubbles, an interactive tool for recording research 
Click either image to grab this 23-page resource for $2...

Best of luck navigating the start of school, the month of September, and everything in between. Check out these other great September resources...

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At Sunday, 23 August, 2015 , Blogger Nicole Magner said...

Erin, I absolutely love your blog and your resources are fabulous! I'm just getting started on my own sixth grade blog for Language Arts, so I love learning from what you've posted on yours!

Life in Sixth Grade

At Tuesday, 01 September, 2015 , Blogger Erin Beers said...

It is such a fun journey with lots of learning along the way! Best of luck with the start of your school year! Keep me posted on your blog!

Take care,


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