Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Holiday or Anyday Middle Grades Reader's Theater: The Show Must Go On

So Deanna Jump has hit her $2 million milestone...can you even imagine?  I am at a loss for words when I think about how in the world she does it all: teaching kindergartners, presenting at all kinds of seminars, and creating enough items to generate $2 million in sales in her Teachers Pay Teachers store.  AMAZING!

Teachers Pay Teachers has an I-Phone app.  It is the most fun thing on the planet because every time you get a sale, your phone goes "CHA-CHING!" I am obsessed with that sweet sound.  I was saying to my husband that Deanna Jump must not be able to use that app because it would be going crazy all day!  Everyday would sound like "Black Friday" in her classroom!  Dare to dream!

While m phone is not going as crazy as I would like it to, my kids love to hear that "CHA-CHING" as well.  In the morning getting ready for school or on our walk to school, it tickles them to hear it go off and they can't wait to find out what "we" sold.

I have created product #22 today...a holiday reader's theater for the middle grades with both reader response questions and a snowflake craftivity that we created with our students last school year.

The reader's theater once again features 6th grade students-I can't help it, I adore teaching this age.  I also feel like I have so many stories to tell after spending so much time with them.  Once again, they find themselves in some hot water due to some questionable behavior in music class when a sub is present for the day jeopardizing the holiday musical.  Your students will love playing the roles of this 13-character cast. 

If you are looking for some fluency and comprehension fun for your students, be sure to check it out.

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