Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Is it St. Patrick's Day, yet?

Just kidding!  Although now that Christmas is over, I am more than ready for spring-like temps.  Better yet, just get me out of the single digits.  We are a family that spends a TON of time outside, but gangrene is not my best color!

I took some time off of creating and writing resources over the holiday break.  Managing three kiddos, preparing for family visitors, baking, wrapping, cleaning, crawler-chasing, and writing anything worth posting was a bit of a challenge.  My 10 month old's favorite activities to date are pulling out the outlet covers and pulling himself up on the art easel.  My house is baby-proofed and this child is blockaded in safe spaces, but he is fast as lightning when a gate is moved or a pillow is shifted.  Little bugger!  Needless to say I have had a few mini-heart attacks over the last few weeks.

Finally, with the holidays over and the start of a new year, inspiration hit!  Despite this quick baby and a snow day, yesterday I completed a St. Patrick's Day inspired reader's theater mystery.  My inspiration is always my students.  The daily occurences in a school building are plentiful for sure.  I have always found recess and the lunch room to be central settings for the greatest amount of drama content for my writing.  So recess and the lunchroom on St. Patrick's Day is right where this script takes place.

Text Summary: While the 6th grade students are participating in St. Patrick's Day team challenges, recess equipment goes missing. Students accuse one particular student, but it turns out that the culprit is not one that would ever be suspected.

Your students will love working on their fluency and comprehension with this high-interest, realistic fiction mystery. They will also learn that sometimes we can learn a great deal by making mistakes. A must have for this green holiday! 

This 20-page Fun Pack includes:
-8 1/2 page, 12-character script
-directions for classroom use
-a list of CCSS covered
-reader response questions
-context clue word work
-two high energy games for outdoor or gymnasium play
-a sweet St. Patrick's Day treat idea


I hope you had a restful break.  If you are one who plans far ahead, check out this brand new reader's theater resource.

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