Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day for Upper Elementary and Middle School

I HEART Valentine's Day.  I know that may seem cliche', but I don't care!  Pretty much any holiday that Hallmark decides upon, minus Boss's Day, I am a sucker for and someone celebrating can likely expect some gesture or little gift from me to celebrate.  I don't care about being on the receiving end, I love to be the gift-giver.  Fun surprises for others truly makes me happy!

In 5th grade for my students, there was no Valentine's Day celebration, so they were quite excited to learn that Valentine's Day would be acknowledged, even though they were another year older.

So what do you do?  With my interdisciplinary team, we have turned it into fun.  For a few weeks before, we sell boxes of Valentines in our grade level store, I come up with age-appropriate crafts to make with the students, we have some goodies, and that is that.  Just a 30-minute blast of fun and life for my 6th graders is good.  If you think that they are beyond giving and getting Valentine cards with cooky sayings on them, you are crazy!  They LOVE it!  In fact, I think they may love it more than younger students because they love to analyze the cards they receive.  The one rule is, if you are passing something out, you must give to EVERYONE!  No leaving anyone out because this is a day about showing kindness toward others.

Here is the ring craft we made last year...we were in the middle of Hunger Games and the idea of the Capitol fashion was fresh in our minds-that was my curricular connection.  If you click on the image it will take you to the cute mom blog where I borrowed the idea from.  Steps and all! My 6th graders, boys and all, LOVED this!  I had many request to make more than one:)

 Bring on the Bling Valentine Ring

If you aren't much for crafting, card-giving, and candy exchanging, here is a reader's theater that is the perfect tool to share with upper elementary to middle school students.  I wrote it in order to inspire my students to be more considerate of others...Challenged by the school principal to perform kind deeds and reflect on them in a journal, a group of 6th grade students comes up with a plan inspired by their best friend to add some Valentine's Day fun at a local senior living center. 

I can't wait to hear about your plans for this very special day of the year!

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