Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Classrooom Management Linky! Grab TIPS AND A FREEBIE!

I am linking up with a few of my teacher friends to bring you this fun Classroom Management Linky!  This month we are sharing classroom management tips to make your life a bit easier less-overwhelming.  Let's face it, teaching is HARD! 

My tips include: something OLD, something NEW, something BORROWED, and something TRUE!  
Something OLD...

 photo 591d47df-2ab4-4a29-9733-70baae0c06f4.jpg
Absences happen!  Students get sick, have appointments, throw up, etc.  Inevitably, students will be out of your class and missing your instruction for a multitude of reasons.  While instruction is tricky to make-up, keep your students accountable for gathering missed work by using a bulletin board space in your classroom for missed work.   At the end of each school day, I place any extra assignments in these folders and students are directed to get them upon their return.  It keeps my desk clear of extra paperwork and allows students to grab what they missed.  A win-win!

Something NEW:

Champs Display!  DO you utilize CHAMPS in your classroom, if so, grab this NEW display I just created.  Mine needed a refresher.  If you have no idea what CHAMPS is, grab it anyway because you may find that you are already needing an overhaul of your classroom management strategy.

What it used to look like-clearly a bit dated!

My updated version with student pics to come!

Something BORROWED:

I LOVE what Middle Web has shared as her TOP 10 Ways to Sabotage Your Classroom Management!   Click on her image to see her tried and true tips.

Something TRUE:
I LOVE this quote!  I think that every person in the world can use it as a mantra when life is getting the best of them.

Check out what my other teacher friends have to share!
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At Wednesday, 02 September, 2015 , Blogger More Than a Worksheet said...

I LOVE that quote! Awesome CHAMPS freebie, too! Thanks for linking up :)


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