Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April is National Poetry Month-What to teach to upper elementary students??

Poetry...that word alone can send shivers up the spine of a 6th grader!  I am always so curious what sort of poetry work is done in other upper elementary classrooms...

I know some teachers merely use old state tests with the poetry passages to "cover" poetry while others teach entire units of poetry with poetry journals and poetry night presentations.  I guess I am the in-between.  I incorporate lots of music into my classroom, which I always tell my students is a form of poetry due to all of the figurative language the lyrics entail.  If you are looking for a fun song to share with your students that can work for teaching and brain break purposes, here is a fun one...

American Authors-Best Day of My Life

Challenge your students to identify hyperbole from this song.

Phillip Phillips-Gone, Gone, Gone

Focus on metaphor and imagery in this song.

Pharrell Williams-Happy

 Have students identify simile and metaphor in this fun song!

There are tons of other fun songs out there, but the appropriate for school factor can be tricky, sadly!

In addition to music I love the novel Love That Dog for enhancing poetry analysis and journal writing.

If you are looking for a month-long unit check this out!  My students have a new appreciation for poetry and the work of a teacher after navigating through this fun novel by Sharon Creech. 


Students inferring and responding in to the text in their Response Journal

More hard work!

Former students, now in high school teaching a poetry lesson!  It doesn't get any better!

I would love to hear more about what you do in your classroom to foster a love of poetry!

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