Thursday, April 3, 2014

How is test prep going for you? It's No Joke! #testprep14 Sweepstakes

I know I have written a few different posts about test prep, but it is one of those things that does nothing but occupy space in my mind from the moment the school year begins, until the moment those test scores are returned on June 15th.  Then the analysis and over-analyzing begins again for the rest of the summer months until the school year begins anew!  REPEAT!!!

If you teach in the kind of school that I do, every staff meeting, every weekly data meeting, every conference, every team meeting, and every ounce of professional development is crammed with thoughts and ideas about the state tests.  It can be completely overwhelming, for sure.

I wanted to share nothing with you more than a GIVEAWAY of FREEBIES.  If you are interested, check out my friend, Lauralee's blog, Language Arts Classroom...

Instead of a feeling of overwhelmed, you may just encounter a moment of excitement over the possibility of winning some materials.  She has worked to gather materials from 14 middle school-high school educators that have donated items.  There are some AMAZING tools that would be perfect in any classroom, if I do say so myself, I even shared my Baseball Close Reading Bundle!

Here is the FREEBIE sampler of that product:

Be sure to check it out, register, and prepare to win some awesome test prep tools. GOOD LUCK! 


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