Monday, April 7, 2014

Summer COUNTDOWN!?!? ...and a Summer Writing FREEBIE

One week closer to summer, right?! The inspiration behind this post is my son's delightful questioning from Friday morning..."When are we gonna start our countdown to summer?"

Holy is still getting into the 30s at night and winter has barely left our doorstep, but "OK, my boy, we will begin a count down.!"

As of now, it is 38 days!  School days, that is!

I began thinking about all of our summer fun-park adventures, zoo fun, swimming in the pool until we are prunes, bike rides to the local library, road trips, too much ice cream, playing outside until dark...but this also got me thinking about what we will work on this summer and how I will work to keep him an inspired reader and writer.  He is inspired by sports and ice cream, and will sit down and get to his homework in order to "get it done."  But I wanted to put something together to keep his brain excited, so I came up with this for his writing...

He will be heading into the third grade in the is a sample if you click the image.

You can grab the full product here:

I am always so curious what other teacher-parents use to keep their own kiddos inspired and would love to hear from you!  Share your thoughts and e-mail in the comments and I will send you the complete product!  Happy ALMOST summer!

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At Monday, 07 April, 2014 , Blogger Debbie Jackson said...

This is great! I will help them make good choices and put some thought into the what & why!

At Monday, 07 April, 2014 , Anonymous Beach Bum Literacy Chick said...

This is perfect for my summer school kids! Thanks!


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